Kindergarten Children

Daycare Children

These three young children from age 4 – 6 years old tried to enroll in a kindergarten in KL but were unable to get in because their parents are poor and could not afford the tuition fees, books and daycare cost. The monthly total amount needed per child is RM350.00 and required for 2 months.

Single Mother & Child

Single Parent Child

This lady became a widow when her husband just passed away recently. She is not educated and has three young children to feed.


Orphanage Children

These children are mostly from poor orphans living in orphanages. The orphanages they are in now depended on public support to sustain. It needs funds to buy books, food, healthcare, roof repairs and replacement of furniture.

Elderly Care

Elderly Care

The folks in this old folks home are very elderly people with age ranging from 70 – 85. Some of them are not strong and needs constant nursing by the part time nurses.

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